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Welcome To Twolf913's HAM Radio Page

I have had my Technician's license since Feb. 3,1997 and I'm really glad I took the exam. Several of my friends are Ham Operators and they talked me into giving it a try. I have had a blast ever since! My call sign is KB0ZNL and I can be found on simplex at 146.575. I have a Kenwood TM-V7A mobile and a Kenwood TH-22 HT. I hope you will check out my list of links below and please check back. I will add things as I can.

Quick callsign lookup:
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Amateur Radio Links

Federal Communications Commission:
US Amateur Radio Frequency Allocations:
Welcome to the World of Internet Amateur Radio:
Ham Exam-----Practice:
Phonetic Alphabet:
Amateur Electronic Supply:
Burghardt Amateur Center:
Denver Amateur Radio Supply:
The N4ZRL Amaateur Radio Page:
JUN'S Electronics:
HAM Radio Outlet:
M F J Enterprises:
MIRAGE Communications Equipment:
Amateur Radio Trader:
Online Hamfest:
Twolf's Home Page:
Twolf's Great Outdoors:
Twolf's Firefighter Page:
Twolf's Weather Page : Storm Chasers
Badger's Animated Gif Gallery: Thanks to John Sigler for the animation on this page.

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