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Twolf913's Great Outdoors

Welcome to my Outdoor page. This page represents my interests and concerns for the way of life I love. Some people don't understand why hunting and fishing are a needed tool and not just a cruel sport. Without regulated harvests, all animals would become over populated and eventually starve to death. If they ever saw a starving deer herd, they might change their attitudes. I am a Lifemember of BUCKMASTERS and if you are not I really recommend you check out the link below.

I am from Exeter,MO which is in the southwest corner of the state. We have a few trophy class bucks here, but for the most part the bucks are just average size. But that doesn't mean we don't hunt as hard, or enjoy it any less. Just to be out in the great outdoors is all the reward I need. I am an avid bow hunter, but also enjoy rifle and blackpowder hunting as well. I have yet to take a Whitetail with my blackpowder rifle, but maybe this will be the year. Most of my hunting takes place on public land with lots of hunting pressure. Seems like every year private hunting ground gets harder and harder to find.

We have a large population of wild turkey here, and when spring comes that is all I can think about. There is nothing like the feeling you get when a big tom sneaks in behind you and lets out a gobble. Talk about a heart attack check! In Missouri we can only hunt until noon, but that gives us a lot of time to find wild morel mushrooms. What a bonus!

I am working on some picture pages, so please check back and don't forget to sign my guestbook.

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